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This breathing PC case looks like it’s alive

This breathing PC case looks like it’s alive


18 mechanical vents let this breathe by itself

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I’m a sucker for RGB fans in my PC, but CyberPowerPC’s new PC case goes one step further to turn a typical tower into a breathing computer. It has 18 mechanical vents that automatically open and close when your PC needs some more air, and it looks like something you’d expect to find in a video game like Control. It’s very cool-looking.

It works by reading sensors for your PC temperature every five seconds, and it will open and close different vents accordingly. If you’re just watching YouTube videos, or your PC is idle, then the vents will stay closed, but the vents will gradually open as the temperature increases. If you’re running the latest game at max settings, then expect the vents to be fully open to suck in as much air as possible.

CyberPowerPC’s breathing PC case.
CyberPowerPC’s breathing PC case.
Image: CyberPowerPC

It’s extremely unusual, as PCWorld points out, but I absolutely love its purposeful design. It’s inspired by buildings like the Al Bahr Towers that have a computerized dynamic façade, sunshades, or even modern satellites that expand and collapse.

“These adjustments are not limited to a simple open and close, but rather the opening and adjusting real time to every single degree of temperature change,” says CyberPowerPC’s Nam Hoang in a video for the PC case. “It senses the environment and is constantly contracting and expanding to adapt to the situation with micro-adjustments.”

CyberPowerPC has been working on this design for more than six months, and Hoang admits the case “isn’t about maximum airflow, but intelligent airflow.” PCWorld reports that the case will first be available in CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic Series of PCs later this year and that the company is considering selling the case on its own for around $250 if there’s sufficient demand.