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Samsung is showing off the foldables of the future at CES

Samsung is showing off the foldables of the future at CES


Fold, fold, and fold again

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Samsung is arguably leading the charge on folding phones, and even though the first Galaxy Fold got off to a rocky start, last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 were impressive devices that delivered on the promise of how handy a device with a folding screen can be. But the company isn’t stopping with those form factors; at CES 2022, it showed off a bunch of prototype folding devices that could hint at foldables to come.

Take the Flex S, a multi-foldable device that can stretch all the way out to a triple-wide screen. Or the Flex G, a pocket-sized device that folds inward to protect the screen. There’s a device with a right rail that slides out to add some screen real estate. And Samsung even showed off a 17-inch folding laptop that’s not unlike the one Asus announced at CES (though Asus is promising that its device will come out this year).

There’s a lot to get excited about, and you can see Samsung’s latest foldable tech in this video.