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Elon Musk sells Burnt Hair musk

Elon Musk sells Burnt Hair musk


‘The essence of repugnant desire’

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Elon Musk’s Burnt Hair perfume
The Boring Company is selling a Burnt Hair fragrance for $100 a bottle.
Image: The Boring Company

Ever fancied smelling like scorched keratin? Weird, but you’re the target demographic for Elon Musk’s latest product innovation: Burnt Hair cologne. Yes, you can buy it.

The fragrance is the realization of a tweet Musk made back in September and is being sold through Musk’s The Boring Company, which you might recall has sold other novelty items in the past, such as the Not-A-Flamethrower. The advertising imagery shows a red bottle with a ruby-like gemstone on top. It’s not the most imaginative design if you’ve grown up with cheap, celebrity-endorsed perfumes, but then a receptacle for the scent of burnt follicles doesn’t deserve to be elegant.

At $100, Burnt Hair hardly fits into the category of ‘cheap’ but neither the questionable name nor the lofty price tag are enough to deter Musk’s dedicated fanbase: over 10,000 bottles of the stuff have been sold as of the time of writing, according to Musk. That’s a million dollars… so far.