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Apple shows Windows some love with new Music, TV, and iCloud photos integration

Apple shows Windows some love with new Music, TV, and iCloud photos integration


Apple TV and Apple Music arrive on Windows soon, and iCloud photos is also being integrated into Windows 11’s Photos application

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An Apple Music logo.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Apple Music is finally arriving in the Microsoft Store today. Xbox users will be able to access it immediately, and it will also arrive on Windows next year. Both Apple Music and Apple TV will be available in preview versions soon for Windows, allowing Apple subscribers to access music and TV shows natively on Windows without having to use web versions or the pre-existing iTunes app. Microsoft is also integrating iCloud photos into its built-in Photos app on Windows 11.

A new update will see iCloud photos appear in the main Windows Photos app, making it easy for iPhone owners to find photos from their devices on a Windows PC or laptop. All Windows users need to do is install Apple’s latest iCloud Windows app to get this integration, and it’s available to Windows Insiders right now.

iCloud photos inside Windows 11.
iCloud photos inside Windows 11.
Image: Microsoft

These new Apple integrations on Windows and Xbox follow the launch of Apple TV on Xbox consoles nearly two years ago and the appearance of Apple Music on PS5 last year. It has taken quite some time for Apple to fully support Windows and the Microsoft Store here, but the integration of iCloud photos is a particularly welcome addition for iPhone users who also happen to use a Windows laptop or PC.