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Dune: Part Two is arriving earlier than expected

Dune: Part Two is arriving earlier than expected


Warner Bros.’ second Dune film from director Denis Villeneuve is getting an earlier release date to take advantage of the spot freed up by Marvel’s Blade

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Image: Warner Bros.

Though it’s not yet clear how Marvel’s recent release date reshuffling will impact that studio’s sprawling cinematic franchise, Warner Bros. is taking advantage of Blade being put on hold by bumping up the debut for its upcoming Dune: Part Two from director Denis Villeneuve.

IGN reports that Warner Bros. has moved Dune: Part Two’s release date up by two weeks from November 17th, 2023, to November 3rd, 2023, the Friday that Blade was originally supposed to hit theaters on. Though this marks the second time Dune: Part Two’s received a new premiere date, Warner Bros.’ decision to move up its release makes sense, given how the movie will no longer have to compete with a highly anticipated Marvel movie.