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The Xbox app for Windows now runs natively on Arm devices with Xbox Cloud Gaming

The Xbox app for Windows now runs natively on Arm devices with Xbox Cloud Gaming


Microsoft is finally supporting a full Xbox app on Arm-powered tablets and laptops

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The Xbox logo (a white sphere with an X through it) against a dark green background.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft is delivering a new ARM64 version of the Xbox app for Windows today. It means the Xbox app will run natively on Surface Pro X and other Arm-powered devices as well as Microsoft’s latest SQ3-powered Surface Pro 9, which was announced earlier today.

Microsoft confirmed the new Xbox app for Arm in a blog post today. While the Xbox app will now run smoothly on Arm-powered Windows hardware, games are another matter. There still aren’t many Windows games that are compiled natively for Arm, so you’ll either need to take advantage of the built-in emulation here or just stream games from elsewhere.

The Xbox app on Windows on Arm.
The Xbox app on Windows on Arm.
Image: Microsoft

Thankfully, Microsoft has added Xbox Cloud Gaming support to the Xbox app that works on Arm devices. That means you can stream any Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games to Arm devices and avoid having to worry about compatibility or performance issues.

Microsoft has been gradually bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to more and more devices recently. The streaming service is available on select Samsung 2022 smart TVs and monitors, and Microsoft just committed this week to bring it to Meta’s Quest VR headsets. We might even see a dedicated Xbox cloud streaming device soon after Microsoft’s head of Xbox revealed an old prototype of the streaming box the company is still working on.