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Slack says it’s “identified the cause” of its threading issues, rolls out fix

Slack says it’s “identified the cause” of its threading issues, rolls out fix


While it’s not a full-on work-stopping outage, Slack has been acting up on Thursday morning, making our jobs just a little bit harder

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Illustration of the Slack logo on a black background, with emphasis lines pointing toward it.
No, boss, I’m not slacking... and that’s the problem.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

If you’ve had issues with Slack on Thursday, you’re not alone — for most of the day, the service’s status page has reported that “something’s not quite right” with messaging, apps, integrations, APIs, and connections. The issues, which seem to affect threads, channels, notifications and group DMs, lasted for pretty much the entire workday, starting around 9:40AM ET this morning and getting marked as resolved around 5:40PM.

Here at The Verge, the problems manifested themselves differently for different people; one of my co-workers described Slack as acting “funky all morning,” noting issues with threads in particular, while another reported that their notifications weren’t showing up correctly and that threads would load at random. For me, the app sometimes hung when I try to load a channel, and it only let me scroll back a certain amount; the app also booted me out of the Threads screen when I was trying to type a reply and then only showed hours-old threads when I went back. Another colleague reported that their Threads screen was broken entirely. By the early evening, things were mostly back to normal.

At around 3PM ET, Slack noted that observed “significant improvement with notifications, accessing channels/DMs, saved items and API hyperlinks,” and by 5:03PM, it said it had identified the issue with threads and was rolling out a fix. The incident page says that you should reload Slack if you’re still experiencing problems, using the Command + Shift + R keyboard shortcut on Mac, or the Ctrl + Shift + R shortcut on Windows and Linux.

While these issues have been annoying, they’re weren’t completely work-breaking like full Slack outages are. That may be why there’s not a ton of chatter about it on Twitter and why there are relatively few reports on But no, you’re not imagining that things aren’t quite right; hopefully, Slack will get things sorted soon.

Update October 13th 5:18PM ET: Updated to note that Slack is rolling out a fix for the thread screen issue, and has improved notifications and DMs.

Update October 13th, 6:22PM ET: Updated with instructions on how to reload Slack if you’re still having issues.