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Fortnite’s Halloween update will turn you into a werewolf

Fortnite’s Halloween update will turn you into a werewolf


Fortnitemares has returned with a number of spooky features

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Spooky season has arrived in Fortnite. The game’s most recent patch has ushered in Fortnitemares, the annual Halloween event, and it includes the ability to turn into a werewolf.

As part of the update, there’s now a DJ hanging out at the Reality Tree, and players can perform a ritual to get access to an item called “howler claws” that results in the werewolf transformation. (If you don’t play Fortnite, I promise that sentence actually makes sense.) With the claws equipped, you’ll have a sense ability to find other players, a new melee attack, and a double jump. It sounds similar to the wraith-like abilities from 2020.

Elsewhere, the update also brings a new Zero Build version of the classic horde rush mode, the return of Halloween-themed items like candy and a pumpkin launcher, and a handful of quests to unlock free in-game items. Fortnitemares runs from now until November 1st.

Fortnite kicked off its latest season a month ago, and it includes new features like a metallic substance that can turn you into a chrome blob. Throw in werewolves, and Epic’s battle royale is as strange as it’s ever been.