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Apple will release iPadOS 16 on October 24th

Apple will release iPadOS 16 on October 24th


The new tablet operating system from Apple is shipping well after the release of iOS 16, with Stage Manager, a new Weather app, as well as other updates.

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A photo of an 11-inch iPad running iPadOS 16.
Photo by David Pierce / The Verge

This year Apple split the release date for the tablet version of its mobile operating system away from the release of iOS 16, and the company just announced the iPadOS 16 update will roll out starting on Monday, October 24th. The new iPads announced today will ship with the latest software on them, and it will be available as an update for the base model iPads (5th gen and later), iPad mini (5th gen and later), iPad Air (3rd gen and later), and all iPad Pro tablets.

Based on our experiences with preview versions, one big reason for the delay is the addition of Stage Manager, a new addition for iPadOS 16 that’s supposed to bring laptop-level multitasking. It should be able to take better advantage of the M1 (and now, in new iPad Pro tablets M2) chips where available, however, after initially announcing it only for the newer tablets, Apple now says the feature will work on older iPads too, albeit without the support for external displays that will be added to the feature with another update due later this year. However, as David Pierce subtly mentions in his hands-on from July, “I hate Stage Manager.” Hopefully, the version that ships will work a little better.

Other than Stage Manager, iPadOS 16 will also add many new features shared with iOS 16, like the ability to edit or unsend texts in iMessage, and, finally adds the Weather app.