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Twitch star Amouranth is safe, shares update on her abuse situation

Twitch star Amouranth is safe, shares update on her abuse situation


After an abrupt and concerning end to an earlier stream, Amouranth reveals she and her pets are safe, she’s in control of her finances, and her spouse is seeking help

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Image of Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa a woman with long red hair dressed in a pink hoodie with an orange fuzzy creature on it smiling happily.
Image: Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa / Twitch

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has revealed she and her pets are safe, she is in control of her finances, and her spouse is no longer living with her and seeking help. The news comes after the content creator, one of Twitch’s most popular and highest paid, revealed she was a victim of intimate partner violence at the hands of her husband. During a stream on October 16th, Siragusa revealed she was married, a fact she said she was forced by her husband to keep secret in order to not “ruin the business model.”

Content warning: this article contains references to intimate partner violence.

Clips of that stream circulated on social media featuring a tearful Amouranth being berated by her husband over the phone. She shared that she was afraid to leave her house as he threatened to harm her pets and that all her financial accounts were controlled by him. She shared text messages between her and her husband in which he threatened to destroy her property and drain her bank accounts. “[He] keeps you there with the fear and the threats,” she said during the stream. “And then he’s nice again.”

Amouranth’s stream ended abruptly, prompting concerns about her safety. The Verge reached out to both Twitch and her PR firm but has not received a response. Amouranth has since confirmed her safety on stream on October 17th. “As of today, I have access to all my accounts and finances again,” she said. “I’m seeking legal and emotional counsel.”

She thanked her fans and friends who reached out to offer help and support, even expressing gratitude toward the people who dislike her. “Even haters are like, ‘Damn, I fucking hate Amouranth, but you know what, I hope she’s OK.’ That’s so nice,” she said.

But despite her gratitude toward well-wishers, Siragusa did share that there were people in her circle who exacerbated the situation. She called out her now-former cameraman saying he used the situation for “personal gain and clout,” describing how he, during TwitchCon, “withheld information” and “sat on communication,” which Siragusa said made the incident with her husband “more explosive than [it] needed to be.”

Siragusa said that the cameraman called the cops against her wishes, then left the convention, leaving her alone with her husband — a situation Siragusa called “shitty.” She then said the cameraman encouraged people she didn’t know to show up at her door.

Siragusa — who’s been swatted, had her house catch on fire in a suspected case of arson, and stalked — said, “I carefully guard my personal information, and I don’t think it should be unguarded without my consent. So I’ve been kinda fucked up about that.”

Siragusa said that the situation is calm for the moment and that now she’s “free,” she’s looking forward to being in control of the content she makes.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do next,” she said with a big smile. “Hopefully a lot more animal streams.”

If you or anyone you know is experiencing abuse at home, the national domestic abuse hotline is available 24 hours a day. Call 800-799-7233 for help.