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You can now buy an Apple TV remote with a USB-C port

You can now buy an Apple TV remote with a USB-C port


Apple is slowly switching its devices away from Lightning charging, and the Siri Remote is the latest gadget to make the switch

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Apple’s new Apple TV 4K box, the Siri remote with a USB-C charging port, and a picture of the Apple TV UI.
When you’re done watching every show available on Apple TV Plus, you can recharge your remote with a USB-C cable.
Image: Apple

Apple’s just-announced Apple TV 4K comes with a new Siri Remote that has a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port, but if you want to buy the remote separately for the Apple TV device you already own, you can order one for $59 from Apple’s website. As I write this, I can order it today for delivery on Thursday or pickup at a local Apple Store on Friday.

Beyond the changed charging port, the design of this third-generation Siri Remote is the same as the last generation, which itself was a significant redesign and a massive improvement. Apple says the new remote is compatible with “all generations” of the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

A closeup photo of the Siri Remote.
Besides the new port, the third-gen Siri Remote looks the same.
Image: Apple

Over the past few years, Apple has been starting to switch its products away from Lightning charging, with the iPad line just completing the switch today. Many Apple accessories and devices still rely on the decade-old charging port, including the recently released iPhone 14 series of smartphones and second-gen AirPods Pro. But with a USB-C-equipped iPhone potentially just around the corner, it seems likely that the Siri Remote is just the first of many products to make the change.