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Snapchat Plus subscribers can now set their stories to run for an entire week

Snapchat Plus subscribers can now set their stories to run for an entire week


Additional new features include custom notification sounds and colorful camera frames

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Three mobile phones displaying various new Snapchat features, such as the camera frame color switch and custom experation settings.
Snapchat Plus subscribers are getting a host of new features today that won’t be available to those who use the free service.
Image: Snapchat

Snapchat is adding some new features today exclusively for its Snapchat Plus subscribers, which include custom notification sounds, colorful camera borders, and the ability to customize story expirations. Snapchat Plus, in case you’ve forgotten, is the company’s premium subscription tier that provides some exclusive features, with prices starting from $3.99 a month.

The new Custom Story Expiration feature lets you set a preferred expiration date on your story, with options ranging from one hour up to a week. That way, if you have anything you’d like to stick around longer, such as a birthday party or engagement, you don’t have to watch it vanish before all of your loved ones can get around to watching it. Prior to this update, Snapchat Stories for both free users and Plus subscribers expired after 24 hours.

A black backdrop featuring a mobile with the new Snapchat Plus Custom Story Expiration feature
Snapchat Plus subscribers can set their stories to run for as long as entire week or as little as an hour.
Image: Snapchat

The new custom notification sounds allow Snapchat Plus subscribers to allocate specific tones for different friends, so you know who Snapped you without having to check your phone. A Camera Color Border feature lets you change the border around your Snapchat camera, with eight options to choose from. Finally, three exclusive Halloween Bitmoji backgrounds are available for users to decorate their Snapchat Profiles.

These premium features could eventually make their way over to the free-to-use service. Snapchat described the Plus subscription at launch as “a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features” after all, and other services like Twitter have also been known to introduce premium features to paid subscribers first (such as tweet editing for Twitter Blue subscribers) before eventually making them available for all their users.