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Riot delays two League of Legends spinoffs

Riot delays two League of Legends spinoffs


Riot Forge’s Convergence and Song of Nunu were set to release in 2022 but have been pushed to 2023. Riot will be releasing a next-gen version of Ruined King spinoff next year as well.

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A screenshot from Song of Nunu.
Song of Nunu will now be launching sometime in 2023.
Image: Riot Forge

Riot Games is delaying two League of Legends spinoffs from its Riot Forge publishing label to 2023. 2D action-platformer Convergence (styled Conv/rgence) and the single-player adventure game Song of Nunu were set to release in 2022, but now they’re being pushed to next year. With the delay, the development teams can have “a little more time to put on some finishing touches,” Riot wrote on the Forge Twitter account on Monday.

Riot announced the Riot Forge label in 2019, which works with outside studios to create games in the League of Legends universe. Convergence is being developed by Double Stallion Games, while Song of Nunu is being made by Tequila Works.

The first two games from the label were the rhythm game Hextech Mayhem and the RPG Ruined King, both of which were released in November 2021. (Ruined King will be getting a next-gen version next year, Riot said Monday.) All of the Forge games so far carry the “A League of Legends Story” subtitle to denote them as spinoffs.

The main League of Legends strategy game remains hugely popular, but it can be a tough one to jump into. The Forge label, alongside things like the in-development League fighting game, MMO, and second season of the Netflix series Arcane, are all ways that Riot can encourage people to check out the League of Legends franchise without having to start with the somewhat intimidating flagship title.