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You can now add your pets and zodiac sign to your Hinge dating profile

You can now add your pets and zodiac sign to your Hinge dating profile


Including your star sign or a beloved pet could help you make the right choice on dating apps.

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Someone holding a phone with the Hinge app open, The app is displaying information about star signs.
Hinge users can now display what pet they own and their zodiac sign to help find their perfect match.
Image: Hinge

Hinge users can add their zodiac signs and pet information to their dating profiles starting today.

The new zodiac signs feature allows users to add their sun sign — that’s another term for your main star sign — to profile vitals. If you don’t think you’d be compatible with a Libra, or want to be upfront about being a Scorpio then you can skip the awkward questions and get straight to the point, making the information readily available for any potential dating partners. 

Google search trends show that interest in Astrology has been growing in recent years

Interest in Astrology has been growing in recent years, with Google Trends showing that searches for “birth chart” and “star sign” spiked during 2020 and 2021, which might explain the user demand. Hinge user research revealed that Virgos are the most common sign on the app, and that Aquarius-born users are the most likely to include Voice Prompts in their profiles. Astrology is especially popular with LGBTQ+ Hinge users, being 86 percent more likely to add their zodiac sign to their profile compared to heterosexual users.

Information on your pets can also be added to your Hinge dating profile now, with five options available: dog, cat, bird, reptile, and fish. Pets can be an important part of dating for some devoted owners, with 61 percent of Hinge users believing that a potential partner not getting along with their pet is a dealbreaker. 

To add these new Hinge profile vitals, go to Settings > Edit Profile > My Vitals > and click Zodiac Sign or Pets. Entering the information will automatically tick the ‘Visible on profile’ option. You should see your new profile details after heading back into the Edit page and clicking Done.