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iMessage is back up and running

iMessage is back up and running


The service, along with FaceTime, had some issues for about half an hour. Now, it’s iCloud’s turn.

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Photo of a pair of hands holding an iPhone.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Apple says that it’s fixed the iMessage and FaceTime outage that was causing “message not delivered” errors on Tuesday for about half an hour starting at 11:48AM ET (8:48AM PT). According to the company’s system status page, the issue affected “some” users, which lines up with our experience; while one Verge staff member did have issues sending messages, a few others were able to do so during the outage.

But there were thousands of reports that the service wasn’t working on Downdetector. That makes sense, as any small outage for a service as widely used as iMessage will affect a lot of people. The big three carriers also got a flood of outage reports, which is also not necessarily surprising. If people can’t send messages, they’re going to think their cell service is broken.

Apple’s status page says that there are currently issues with iCloud Drive and Photos, which “may be slow or unavailable.” The issues started at the same time the iMessage ones were resolved, at 12:15PM ET.

It’s been a rough day for messaging platforms. Earlier on Tuesday morning, WhatsApp also had a major outage that lasted around two hours.