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Mountain’s keyboards are getting even bigger

Mountain’s keyboards are getting even bigger


The DisplayPad and MacroPad can be used with Mountain’s existing keyboards or as standalone accessories

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A stock photo of the Mountain Everest Max keyboard with the DisplayPad and MacroPad
Just cover my desk in buttons, y’all.

The Mountain Everest Max is an absolutely massive keyboard that looks like it shakes down 60 percent keyboards for their lunch money. Now, this maximalist keyboard is getting even bigger with the addition of a pair of new peripherals. Mountain is giving you the option of adding an additional 12 buttons to your desk setup with its new MacroPad and DisplayPad.

The MacroPad is exactly what it says on the tin, giving you 12 new buttons that you can bind to individual functions or program macros through Mountain’s Basecamp software. Just like Mountain’s keyboards, the MacroPad features hot-swappable switches and addressable RGB lighting.

A stock image of the Mountain MacroPad
The Mountain MacroPad, for when 104 keys isn’t enough
Image: Mountain

The DisplayPad is arguably the more impressive peripheral, with 12 miniature LED screens that can be customized with individual icons. While it can also use the Basecamp software to bind macros to each of its buttons, the DisplayPad also features integrated functions for controlling Twitch, OBS Studio, DaVinci Resolve, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

A stock image of the Mountain DisplayPad
The Moutain DisplayPad is similar to the MacroPad but with more pictures.

While the DisplayPad will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Elgato’s Stream Deck, the DisplayPad won’t have access to the same free library of apps and integrations currently available to Elgato devices. But this could potentially change with future iterations of Mountain’s Basecamp software.

Both models are relatively the same size and feature the same brushed aluminum top plate seen on Mountain’s keyboards. The DisplayPad and MacroPad both have cutouts in their frames that allow them to be conveniently mounted on Mountain’s Everest Max or Everest Core keyboards and are powered using a single USB-C hookup. However, both peripherals are also packaged with their own weighty non-slip base if you’d prefer to use them with the Everest 60 or as standalone products with other keyboards.

The DisplayPad is priced at $109.99, while the MacroPad is priced at $59.99. Both are available to preorder now exclusively through Mountain’s website, with the first units shipping by the end of the month.