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Here’s when your Samsung phone or tablet might get Android 13

Here’s when your Samsung phone or tablet might get Android 13


A complete list of One UI 5.0 releases through February 2023

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The Galaxy S22 family — S22 Ultras on the left.
The Samsung Galaxy S22 family is expected to recieve the update by the end of October 2022, with additional Samsung devices to follow.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

A One UI 5.0 release schedule has reportedly appeared on the Korean-language version of Samsung’s Members App. It gives us a good indication of when the stable version of the Android 13-based update could arrive for Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy phones and tablets in South Korea and, eventually, the US and Europe.

As reported by Sammobile, the One UI 5.0 update will be landing on most high-end Samsung phones and tablets by November 2022. Mid-range Galaxy devices and some older flagship models will soon follow, getting the update in either December 2022 or January 2023. It’s expected that additional eligible Samsung devices will get the update around Q1 and Q2 of 2023.

Some of Samsung’s latest flagships have already received the update, including Galaxy S22 series phones starting earlier this week. Samsung’s One UI 5.0 update release schedule for South Korean smartphones and tablets can be found below, with more devices likely coming later: 

October 2022

  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22+
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra

November 2022

  • Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21+
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy Note 20
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20+
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Tab S8
  • Galaxy Tab S8+
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  • Galaxy Tab S7
  • Galaxy Tab S7+
  • Galaxy Quantum 3
  • Galaxy A53 5G
  • Galaxy A33 5G

December 2022

  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  • Galaxy Z Flip
  • Galaxy S20 FE
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE/S7 FE 5G
  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
  • Galaxy A Quantum
  • Galaxy A Quantum 2
  • Galaxy A52s 5G
  • Galaxy A51
  • Galaxy A51 5G
  • Galaxy A42 5G
  • Galaxy A32
  • Galaxy Jump
  • Galaxy Jump 2

January 2023

  • Galaxy Tab A8
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  • Galaxy Tab Active 3
  • Galaxy Buddy 2
  • Galaxy Wide 6
  • Galaxy Wide 5
  • Galaxy Buddy
  • Galaxy A23
  • Galaxy A13
  • Galaxy M12
  • Galaxy XCover 5

February 2023

  • Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro