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Amazon and Bethesda are teasing the Fallout TV show

Amazon and Bethesda are teasing the Fallout TV show


We’re starting to get our very first glimpses of the adaptation of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG series for Prime Video

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A photograph from the Fallout TV show. Two people look on at a silhouette standing in front of a brightly-lit vault.
What appears to be the first official photo from the upcoming Fallout TV show.
Image: Amazon

Amazon and Bethesda have started to share itty bitty teases of the upcoming Fallout TV series for Prime Video. We still don’t know when the show based on the post-apocalyptic RPG series is coming out, but the hints give us just a glimpse of what to expect it’s eventually released.

The Prime Video Twitter account shared an intriguing image from the show in a tweet on Tuesday. Three people are standing in front of a vault door that opens to somewhere that’s very brightly lit, and a silhouette of someone is standing in the vault opening. Mysteriously, there’s also a pair of legs on the floor that are nearly out of sight — perhaps a casualty of some kind of skirmish.

And on Wednesday, Bethesda seemingly revealed a set and potentially one character we can expect to see as part of a video about the adaptation of the game to a show. In one part of the video, Jonathan Nolan, a director and executive producer on the series, is seated in front of a bleak landscape and buildings that look very Fallout, and at one point, he’s served a bottle of soda by a robot named “Adam.” Unfortunately, Nolan, Todd Howard, and others interviewed in the video don’t share any concrete details about the show’s plot.

Amazon and Bethesda first announced that the show was in the works in 2020 and that Westworld creators Nolan and Lisa Joy would be involved. The show officially went into production this year. I admittedly haven’t played any of the Fallout games, but I’m excited to watch the show almost entirely because Kyle MacLachlan, who I know best as Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks, is part of the cast.