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Twitter’s actually rolling out editable tweets

Twitter’s actually rolling out editable tweets


The company has been promising the feature for months, and it’ll be exclusive to Twitter Blue

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Get ready to start seeing edited tweets in the wild.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter is rolling out the ability to edit tweets to Twitter Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. According to a tweet from the company, it’ll be coming to subscribers in the US “soon.”

Last week, we got to see an example of what edited tweets would look like when the company made one of its own. The tweet will appear as normal, but there will be a pencil icon next to the date, along with text that lets readers know the last time the tweet was edited. Clicking on the icon shows you a page with the edited tweet, as well as a history of the edits. The person who tweeted will have up to 30 minutes to make changes and will only be able to make five edits, according to a Twitter support document.

The company has been promising this feature for a while — it announced that it was working on the ability to edit tweets in April, then said it would start rolling the feature out by the end of September. It did slightly miss that deadline, but given how big of a change editable tweets are for the platform, it’s probably best that the company’s taking its time.

The feature is currently still in testing right now, and it’s in the Labs section of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s $4.99 a month subscription service. You’re also only able to edit certain types of tweets; things like replies, threads, retweets, and pinned tweets (along with several others) can’t be edited, according to a support document.