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The 2024 Honda Prologue EV will be bigger than the biggest CR-V

The 2024 Honda Prologue EV will be bigger than the biggest CR-V


The upcoming SUV, Honda’s first long-range EV for North America, will have a ‘generous cabin and lots of cargo space.’ But the automaker would like you to buy one of its hybrids first.

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The 2024 Honda Prologue electric SUV against a white and purple background
The 2024 Honda Prologue will be the company’s first EV targeted at the North American market.
Image: Honda

Honda released new details about the upcoming Prologue electric SUV, including sizing (bigger than a CR-V) and styling (neo-rugged?), as the automaker inches closer to the full reveal.

The 2024 Prologue will slot in between the compact CR-V and the midsize Passport SUV. It will be about eight inches longer and about five inches wider than the current CR-V. That means more cabin space and cargo room, which will be crucial if Honda is to win the increasingly competitive electric midsize SUV segment.


Perched on 21-inch wheels, the Prologue will have a riding height closer to the Passport. The exact dimensions are as follows: 121.8-inch wheelbase; 192-inch length; 78.3 inches wide; and 64.7 inches tall.

Inside, the infotainment stack will be anchored in an 11.3-inch center touchscreen, alongside an 11-inch instrument cluster. Top trims will feature leather seats and a large panoramic moonroof. Outside, the front end was designed to pay homage to the Honda e, the automaker’s cute, boxy city car that’s only available in Europe and Asia. And the rear features a new spin on the Honda logo.


But the vast majority of key specs, like battery capacity, range, and most importantly, price are still being kept under wraps. Gary Robinson, Honda’s vice president of product planning, said the Prologue will be comparable to the Passport, both in terms of size and price. (The 2022 Passport starts at around $38,000.)


The Prologue, which is being built in collaboration with General Motors, is Honda’s first long-range EV targeted at the North American market. It marks the beginning of a wave of 30 hybrid battery-electric fuel-cell vehicles that Honda says it will release by 2030. Honda will use GM’s Ultium platform to power the Prologue as well as an unnamed 2024 Acura model based on its Precision concept released earlier this year.

The 2024 Honda Prologue SUV in front of a forest illustration.
Honda Prologue from the rear

The Prologue was designed at the Honda Advanced Design Studio in Los Angeles in collaboration with a design team in Japan. The automaker’s marketing team came up with the concept of “neo-rugged” to describe the EV’s vibe of being both roomy enough for off-road adventures and compact enough for city driving.

Comparing the Prologue to the CR-V is no accident. Honda wants its customers to draw a direct line between its lineup of affordable compact SUVs, like the hybrid CR-V, to the upcoming Prologue. Honda thinks its hybrids will be a gateway to its pure battery-electric vehicles for most of its customers.


“That progression from CR-V to Prologue is a key step in our electrification strategy,” Robinson said. Honda plans on offering favorable, shorter-term two-year leases for its hybrid CR-V customers in order to sweeten the deal.

Of course, none of this is new. Honda has been tooting its hybrid horn for years now, even going so far as to tout fuel-cell vehicles like the discontinued Clarity. While some automakers are eschewing hybrids in favor of a BEV-only strategy, Honda is hedging its bets. It’s also buying itself some more time to develop its own EV architecture, the Honda e platform, which it plans on rolling out in 2026.