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Logitech G and Herman Miller team up again for the Vantum gaming chair

Logitech G and Herman Miller team up again for the Vantum gaming chair


Brand synergy has spawned another pricey, ergonomically-friendly gaming chair. It’s $500 cheaper than the mid-2020 Embody, but its price might still body your budget.

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Logitech Herman Miller Vantum gaming chair shown with its seat facing the viewer. Its upholstery is black with white detailing.
There are three colorways in total: black, red, and white. Here’s the white colorway with black upholstery and white detailing.
Image: Herman Miller / Logitech

Logitech G and Herman Miller have jointly debuted the Vantum gaming chair. It’s available to order now for $995, which is a significant price difference from the $1,500 Embody, the partnership’s first gaming chair I had the pleasure to sit on for many hours in mid-2020. While the Embody was a gamer-friendly twist on a preexisting design in Herman Miller’s catalog of chairs, the Vantum appears to be a new chair altogether. It’ll come in multiple color options (white, red, and black), each including a 12-year warranty.

A side view of the Herman Miller and Logitech Vantum gaming chair in red, showcasing its arm rests, knobs, and support pads.
Here’s a side view of the Vantum, showing off its thoracic support pad. Herman Miller says this is the first gaming chair to offer such a thing.

Like the Embody, it’s tough to tell exactly what kind of role Logitech G had in the design of the chair, perhaps aside from some of the flourishes. Either way, Herman Miller’s Jon Campbell, who’s the general manager of its gaming division, mentioned in a press release that the adjustable headrest and thoracic support pad (to support your upper back, neck, and head when in a relaxed position) are the big new features offered by the Vantum. In fact, Herman Miller claims that this is the first gaming chair to offer a thoracic support pad.

A picture showing the backside of the Herman Miller and Logitech Vantum gaming chair in red and black. It’s focused on the new adjustable headrest.
The adjustable headrest is one of the features that sets it apart from the Embody gaming chair, the creation spun out of the previous collaboration.
Image: Herman Miller / Logitech

In terms of build quality, the companies shared that it’s made with die-cast aluminum and glass-filled nylon, and its seat upholstery is made of 100 percent postconsumer recycled textile with “high performance properties.” I can’t attest to how it looks and feels, as Logitech didn’t offer a chance to try it out ahead of time. But if it’s anything like the Embody or even a rung down in terms of quality and comfort (which I expect, given the price difference), it should still spoil gamers who are looking for a high-end seat upgrade. Just weigh the cost in case it’s coming out of the same budget being used on the RTX 4090 graphics card.