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Amazon, Target, and Best Buy are throwing in up to $200 in gift cards when you buy the Pixel 7

Amazon, Target, and Best Buy are throwing in up to $200 in gift cards when you buy the Pixel 7


Google’s also offering some terrific trade-in offers you’ll want to check out first though. We also found some other great deals on the first-gen AirPods Pro, the Kindle Oasis, and more.

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The bigger Pixel 7 Pro (left) and Pixel 7 (right) standing upright while turned on.
Amazon, Target, and Best Buy will give you up to $200 in gift cards when you preorder the Pixel 7 Pro (left) and Pixel 7 (right).
Image: Allison Johnson

Google only just announced its new Pixel 7 phones yesterday, but we’re already seeing some terrific preorder deals on them. Right now, Amazon and Target will give you a $100 store gift card when you buy the Pixel 7 unlocked for its full retail price of $599, while the Google Store will also give you a $100 gift card if you choose them instead. You can also get $200 in store gift cards when you purchase the unlocked Pixel 7 Pro for $899 from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and the Google Store, which is also its full price. Just be mindful that you won’t receive the phones until after they officially release on October 13th.

But before you take your credit card out and buy those, make sure to check Google's great trade-in offers, as you could save even more just with your existing phone. Right now, for example, you can get $440 off if you trade in the base Google Pixel 6 model, meaning you’ll only be paying $159 for the Pixel 7. Even much older phones are eligible for good trade-in offers, with the base Google Pixel 3 and Apple iPhone 7 netting you around $240 in credit. Read our hands-on impression of the new Pixel 7 phones.


The Google Pixel 7 upgrades the standard model of the Pixel with Google’s second-gen Tensor CPU and an upgraded ultrawide camera.


The Pixel 7 Pro features Google’s second-gen Tensor processor, with an improved ultrawide and telephoto lens joining the phone’s already robust camera array.

They may no longer be the latest and greatest, but the first-generation AirPods Pro are still an excellent pair of noise-canceling earbuds and a solid alternative if the newest buds are too expensive. That’s because today you can buy them for just $169.99 ($79 off) at Amazon, Target, and Walmart, which is the same price as the third-gen AirPods. It’s also $10 shy of their best price to date and the lowest price we’ve seen them drop to this year, though perhaps maybe we’ll see an even better deal during next week’s second Amazon Prime Day. While the second-generation AirPods Pro may sport superior active noise cancellation and swipe controls, the first-generation still sounds terrific and cancels out noise very well. They offer replaceable tips as well, albeit three rather than four, and boast other useful features like water resistance, spatial audio support, and a MagSafe charging case. Read our review.

First-generation AirPods Pro lying on a desk near a laptop and an iPhone.

The last-gen AirPods Pro improve upon the regular AirPods with better sound quality, excellent active noise cancellation, and immersive spatial audio.

If the first-gen AirPods Pro are too expensive, we’re also seeing a good deal on the cheapest buds in the AirPods lineup: the second-gen AirPods. Right now, they’re selling for $89 instead of $129.99 at Amazon, Target, and Walmart, which is their second-best price yet. They don’t offer active noise cancelation or water resistance, but the second-gen base AirPods are still a good pair of true wireless earbuds if you can do without a wireless case. They sound great and are easy to use, and offer excellent wireless performance and decent battery life. Read our review.


Apple’s second-gen AirPods don’t offer noise cancellation, a wireless charging case, or spatial audio support, but their battery life is good, and they offer good sound quality. 

Shifting away from earbuds to TVs, Vizio’s M7-Series Quantum TV is ideal if you’re looking for a TV with good picture quality that’s relatively affordable. The TV is also compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa, and comes with Vizio’s SmartCast system and a built-in Chromecast. That means you can cast shows and movies from your smartphone as well as stream content from major streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. The TV also offers a few gamer-friendly features like support for AMD FreeSync and a variable refresh rate (VRR), though it only offers a 60Hz panel. Typically $549, you can buy the 55-inch model for around $428 right now from Walmart and Best Buy, which matches its all-time low price.


Vizio’s newest M7-Series Quantum TV sports a 60Hz panel, along with native FreeSync support, a variable refresh rate (VRR), and a built-in Chromecast for accessing all of your favorite apps.

A few more deals before we wrap up the week