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Kojima confirms internet’s suspicions that Elle Fanning will star in upcoming project

Kojima confirms internet’s suspicions that Elle Fanning will star in upcoming project


A QR code at PAX Aus gaming convention has led the internet to Fanning’s official reveal

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To coincide with last month’s Tokyo Games Show, Kojima Productions — the development studio from Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima — posted a cryptic teaser for a forthcoming project. “Who am I?” read the teaser, overlayed on the silhouette of an unidentified person.

You’re Elle Fanning,” the internet immediately responded, “star of Super 8.

Well guess what? A QR code erected at Australian gaming convention PAX Aus this week has confirmed exactly that. The code was found next to a poster with a similarly cryptic silhouette, but where the overlaid text reads “Where am I?” Scan it, and you end up on a webpage where the original silhouette is revealed to be... *drumroll please* Elle Fanning! In case there was any doubt, the page also confirms that whatever Fanning is involved in will be “a Hideo Kojima game.”

The original teaser, versus this week’s reveal.

It’s still not entirely clear what form the project could take. In an interview in December last year, Kojima revealed that he had two games in development. One of those is widely expected to be a sequel to 2019’s Death Stranding, after the game’s star Norman Reedus confirmed the existence of the game in May. But the nature of the second game is less clear, with rumors suggesting it could be a new horror game titled Overdose

In terms of official announcements, we know Kojima Productions is working on an unannounced new game for Xbox Game Studios, but that it also continues to have a good relationship with Death Stranding’s original publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment. Although it was eventually released for the PC, Death Stranding remains a PlayStation console exclusive.