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DC Universe Infinite launches Ultra tier so you can read new comics sooner

DC Universe Infinite launches Ultra tier so you can read new comics sooner


The tier costs $99 / year and gives you access to new comics one month after they arrive in brick and mortar stores

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A comic book scene showing Superman facing off against an enemy
Image: Ivan Reis / DC Comics

DC’s adding a new Ultra tier to its Universe Infinite comic book subscription service that lets you digitally read comics just one month after they hit store shelves (via Gizmodo). The new tier launches on Monday at an introductory price of $99 / year, but this price only lasts until November 28th and DC doesn't specify how much it will cost after that.

Currently, users have to wait six months after a new comic hits DC Universe Infinite. While the new tier could make the service more attractive to diehard comic book fans, it’s considerably more expensive than the $74.99 / year or $7.99 / month standard subscription option.

In addition to a shorter launch window, DC’s throwing in 5,000 exclusive titles from Vertigo, DC Black Label, and Collected Editions, bringing the total of available comics to over 32,000 for Ultra subscribers. Anyone upgrading to the new tier will also get a chance to receive one free physical comic book, starting with The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, which features an exclusive cover designed by Ivan Reis.

Adding the new Ultra tier could help the DC Universe Infinite compete with Marvel Unlimited, which cut its digital release window to three months in 2020. Aside from its standard $9.99 / month or $69 / year plans, Marvel Unlimited also has a $99 / year Plus plan that comes with exclusive merch, discounts on Disney’s online shop, and other perks that get refreshed on a yearly basis.

Correction October 8th, 11:52PM ET: The subheading in a previous version of the article mistakenly said that the DC Universe Infinite Ultra tier costs $99 / month when it’s actually $99 / year. We regret the error.

Update October 8th, 11:52PM ET: Updated to clarify that Marvel Unlimited’s Plus plan is refreshed on a yearly basis.