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Netflix will now let you kick your ex out of your account

Netflix will now let you kick your ex out of your account


Netflix’s new Manage Access and Devices feature lets you look at which devices are tied to your account, which could be useful when the company cracks down on password sharing.

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An illustration of the Netflix logo.
Netflix is gearing up for some big changes.
Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

Netflix is rolling out a new feature called Manage Access and Devices that lets you see the devices associated with your account. Based on a screenshot from Netflix, you’ll be able to see things like which devices are connected to your account, which profile watched something on that device, and where they watched it from. If you want to log somebody out of the account, you can click the “sign out” button.

In a blog post, Netflix positions this new feature as a way to log out of a device you might add your account to while traveling for the holidays, and it could be handy if you need to kick someone off your account, like an ex or an old roommate. But it might get a lot more use after Netflix starts charging users for sharing their passwords with friends and family that live outside their household.

A screenshot of the new “Manage Access and Devices” menu.
I hope Ed or Lucinda aren’t about to get the boot.
Image: Netflix

Netflix hasn’t detailed its full plans for the password-sharing crackdown, though it’s been testing ideas that could indicate what we can expect. And while we don’t know exactly when the hammer will come down, Netflix said as part of its most recent earnings that it will roll out its approach to “monetize account sharing” in “early 2023.” Though, if you do need to kick someone off your account, at least they can transfer their profile.

Manage Access and Devices will be available on the web and the iOS and Android apps.