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Where to buy Nvidia’s RTX 4080 GPU

Where to buy Nvidia’s RTX 4080 GPU


Nvidia’s latest graphics card goes on sale at 9AM ET today. Here’s where you can hopefully snag one for yourself.

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Nvidia’s RTX 4080 Founders Edition GPU on a wooden table
Just like the 30-series, the RTX 4080 is likely to sell out fast.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

I still get flashbacks of the nightmarish launch of Nvidia’s 30-series graphics cards, with stock selling out faster than you could enter your credit card info. The cards were getting gobbled up by bots and crypto miners, leaving many gamers stuck with the option of buying them secondhand at a ridiculous markup.

Hopefully, some retailers have learned from their mistakes and can provide a more streamlined experience because Nvidia’s 40-series graphics cards are here, and while the cost of admission is high, with the Founders Edition of the RTX 4080 going for $1,199.99, that won’t be enough to dissuade PC gamers hungry to be on the bleeding edge of performance.

Nvidia’s new card officially goes on sale at 9AM ET today, and while Newegg and Best Buy have set up landing pages for the RTX 4080, other retailers, like Walmart, B&H Photo, and Amazon, don’t have anything we can point to currently.

Micro Center will also have various models of the RTX 4080 available at launch, but only at its brick-and-mortar locations; you can check here to see if there’s a store near you if you feel inclined to try and get one there.

There’s also no official word from retailers as to when exactly the cards will go on sale, so our advice is to bookmark the pages for whatever model you’re planning to pick up and refresh them frequently. You’ll also want to create an account with each retailer and log in, as some won’t allow you to check out without one.

Below, we’ve linked to the various aftermarket models of the RTX 4080 that will be available alongside the Nvidia Founders Edition Card at launch, where to find them, and how much they cost.


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