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Bel-Air’s second season hits Peacock this February

Bel-Air’s second season hits Peacock this February


A second season of Peacock’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot is coming in the new year.

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Just in time to mark the anniversary of its season 1 debut on Peacock, Bel-Air is about to return to the streaming service for a second season of stories inspired by the original Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

After a season of focusing on young Will Smith (Jabari Banks) doing his best to get used to living with his upper-middle-class relatives in all their uber-luxe trappings, Bel-Air’s first season came to a dramatic close by unexpectedly bringing Will’s father Lou (Marlon Wayans) back into the picture. Between seeing his absentee father for the first time in years and learning that most of the adults in his family had been keeping a number of thorny secrets from him, Will came close to calling it quits in LA, and it seemed as if he was poised to run away from his new home. But a new teaser trailer / announcement for Bel-Air’s second season makes it pretty clear that Will’s still very much on the West Coast, and while the Banks family might still be holding strong together, there’s more drama headed their way.

Bel-Air’s second season hits Peacock on February 23rd.