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Friday’s tech news live: All eyes on Twitter (again)

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It’s usually not a good sign when everyone on Twitter is talking about the same thing, least of all when that thing is Twitter itself. Today the story on everyone’s lips tweets is that a lot of Twitter’s remaining employees have left the company after Elon Musk’s Thursday night ultimatum expired, which demanded that employees work “long hours at high intensity” or GTFO.

Well GTFO is exactly what hundreds of Twitter’s remaining employees are doing. Now the question is exactly how small the company’s workforce can get before it’s fundamentally unable to keep the service operational.

Continuing on the theme of tech layoffs, Roku is saying goodbye to 200 US employees (a shame given it should be riding high on the success of its best original film to date), and Amazon expects to lay off more employees next year after reports emerged that it plans to axe as many as 10,000 roles this week.

And pull on your mittens everyone, because everyone’s favorite ice queen is heading back to Overwatch 2. Mei was removed from the game late last month thanks to a glitch with her trademark ice wall ability that was allowing players to access “unintended locations.”

Here’s the most important tech news of today: Friday, November 18th, 2022.