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PSA: sign up for our Verge Deals newsletter ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

PSA: sign up for our Verge Deals newsletter ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Every week, we send out two helpings of deal roundups, recaps, and exclusives right to your inbox, keeping you abreast of where all the savings are.

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Our whole deals team is here to help you save.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday bearing down on us, it’s as good a time as ever to subscribe to our Verge Deals newsletter. Whether you’re a longtime reader of The Verge or a newcomer, you know that we love tech — but we’re also a bunch of penny-pinchers who especially love saving money on our fanciful gadgets whenever possible.

We know what devices and gadgets are actually worthy of your hard-earned money, and we want to share opportunities for you to get that same tech while saving as much as possible. In addition to our daily coverage here on the site, our twice-a-week newsletter — which goes out on Wednesday and Friday — is an opportunity to let the curated deals come straight to you.

What kind of deals can you expect every week in our newsletter? Well, it pretty much covers the full breadth of our reviews and guides coverage, from everyday staples like wireless earbuds, headphones, tablets, and phones to big-ticket items like 4K TVs and quality laptops. It’s not just pricey stuff, though. We’re also always keeping a lookout for the in-betweens, things like speedy GaN chargers and handy accessories that should fit everyone’s budget. If we’re talking about an item on sale, then you can feel confident it’s something worthwhile — or at least worthy for some people despite its faults.

Let the deals come to you

Newsletter subscribers are also the only ones who get access to some exclusive deals you won't find anywhere else, and they’ll often receive the first crack at a deal before it appears on our site. And during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ll be highlighting standout deals from a variety of retailers and product categories, so be sure to subscribe if you want to consistently save as much as you can on gadgets and get the best of the best during Black Friday times. Who knows. You may even get the occasional chuckle from our cheesy jokes and oft-spicy takes.