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Tee up with golf in Nintendo Switch Sports

Tee up with golf in Nintendo Switch Sports


The much-missed sport will be added to the game in a free update on November 28th.

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Screenshot from Nintendo Switch Sports featuring a blue-haired boy teeing up to swing on the green.
Image: Nintendo

Listen up, birdies and bogeys. Today, Nintendo announced that golf is finally coming to Nintendo Switch Sports. The free update launches on November 28th and will include 21 holes from the Wii Sports games. The update also includes a survival golf game mode, which sounds so much more fun than actual golf.

The Nintendo Switch Sports golf update is right on time as quirky golf games seem to be all the rage, with Cursed to Golf, Golf Story, and What the Golf exploding in popularity.

Golf was not included in the base Nintendo Switch Sports game and was sorely missed by Wii Sports golf fans (including a couple of my colleagues at The Verge). Since its spring launch, Nintendo Switch Sports got a free update that improved soccer’s motion controls, allowing you to kick the ball using a Joy-Con strapped to your leg. The addition of golf is the game’s second major update bringing the total number of games to seven. The seven games are still nowhere close to Wii Sports Resort’s cosmopolitan collection of sports, but here’s hoping that the wakeboarding and boxing updates come soon.