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Marvel Snap introduces new cards and a way to get the cards you want

Marvel Snap introduces new cards and a way to get the cards you want


In a forthcoming patch, players will have a new shop and a new currency to earn that will let them purchase the cards they want.

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Graphic from Marvel Snap highlighting the Thanos and Galactus cards and the new currency Collectors Tokens
Image: Second Dinner

The developers behind Marvel Snap keep giving the people what they want. In a blog post, the developers announced that in the next patch, they’re adding a slew of new cards and a way for players to get the cards they’ve been pining for.

Right now, the way you earn cards in Marvel Snap is by making your way up the collection rank ladder. Every so often, you’ll be rewarded with a new card from a specific pool at random. Random is all fun and good as it forces players to get creative in how they construct their decks so everyone isn’t running the same high-powered cards. But it still kinda sucks when you could craft the perfect deck to drive your enemies from you wailing and screaming if only you had that one card. (Wong, I need Wong!)

Coming soon, whenever the next patch hits, is the ability to amass Collector’s Tokens. Starting at collection level 500, the collector’s caches will now award tokens you can use in a new shop to outright purchase the card you’re looking for. Cards in the token shop will rotate, but if there’s a card in the shop you want but don’t have the funds to purchase yet, you’ll have the ability to pin it so it won’t change with the next rotation.

And for those power players who have somehow earned every card currently available, Marvel Snap will be introducing two more series (or pools as they’re colloquially known) of cards for folks to work toward.

You can see the new additions here, and the two series feature some of the rarest and most powerful cards in the game, like Thanos and Galactus. Also, when the new patch launches, players who are at collection 500 and above will get a gift of 3,000 Collector’s Tokens so they can start assembling the deck of their dreams. Odin / Wong domination, here I come.