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Netflix’s latest batch of mobile games includes Cats & Soup and a new Reigns

Netflix’s latest batch of mobile games includes Cats & Soup and a new Reigns


The streaming service is quietly building a solid lineup of games for your phone.

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Netflix has once again quietly added some games to its mobile app — and there’s some cool stuff to dig into in this batch.

Headlining the update is Reigns: Three Kingdoms, the latest entry in the card-swiping strategy series. This iteration is inspired by the 14th-century novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and according to publisher Devolver Digital, it “thrusts players into the turbulent final years of the Han dynasty. There, they will encounter the many factions, wars, and heroes of the saga as they swipe their way through negotiations, marry to strengthen alliances, and convert to gain more power.”

Another intriguing addition is Cats & Soup, a cozy management game about, well, cats and soup. It looks reminiscent of the iconic cat collector Neko Atsume. Just look at it:

Rounding out the list is the bright and colorful Hello Kitty and Friends: Happiness Parade.

These titles are all available for free to subscribers, and they join other recent releases, like the mobile version of Sam Barlow’s Immortality, in helping Netflix’s gaming efforts shape up into something very interesting, much like Apple Arcade. However both services remain relatively underpromoted — in the case of Netflix, most subscribers don’t seem to know they exist at all.

That said, the company does seem to be putting some serious effort into gaming, with a number of titles in the works, an expansion into PC and cloud gaming, and recent acquisitions like Cozy Grove developer Spry Fox.