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Marvel Snap’s new way to earn cards is live

Marvel Snap’s new way to earn cards is live


The latest patch also adds a bunch of new cards, including She-Hulk, Shuri, Valkyrie, and Thanos.

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Screenshot from Marvel Snap featuring the new Token Shop displaying the Brood card for sale for 1,000 tokens with a notification the sale will expire in one hour and six minutes.
Brood? I don’t need a Brood.
Image: Second Dinner

Your Marvel Snap shop might look a bit different today. As The Verge reported last week, a new way to outright buy not yet unlocked cards is now live alongside some card updates, bug fixes, a new earnable currency, and a slew of new cards.

Known as Collector’s Tokens, the new currency is now available, hidden within Collector’s Caches that start popping up around the 500th level of the Collection ladder. Any player at or above that level should have also received a neat gift of Collector’s Tokens that they can use right away to start buying cards. The card shop seems to rotate pretty often, so you’ll need to check in at least a couple of times per day to see which cards are on offer. If there’s a card you like but don’t have the funds for, there’s a PIN button that’ll stop the card from rotating out of the shop until you’ve ponied up enough tokens.

The new shop also heralds the arrival of several new cards being added for players in Series 3 (also known as Pools). You can check out a comprehensive list of the new cards here. I’ve already run into a Thanos deck, but he was no match for me because I have the power of god, anime, and a buttload of souped-up rocks and squirrels on my side. The deck is admittedly very card dependent and can be shut down with a well-placed Shang-Chi, but when it hits... it hits.

Screenshot from a completed match of Marvel Snap featuring a game field filled with various cards.
I hit ‘em with a rock.
Image: Second Dinner

Snap’s latest event, Warriors of Wakanda, wraps up this week, so now’s your last chance to get your hands on the powerful Black Panther card — at least until it eventually hits the Pools in later patches — and a ton of exclusive Wakanda-themed card backs and cosmetics. I am so close to the Platinum reward tier, I can taste it. Wish me luck — (or a Wong).