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Now Wordle has an editor in charge of picking the next answer

Now Wordle has an editor in charge of picking the next answer


Tracy Bennett will be the game’s official editor.

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Photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

Wordle will now have its own dedicated editor to help make the hit guessing game word puzzles, The New York Times announced on Monday. Tracy Bennett will be the editor, and the game will have a word list curated by the NYT and “be programmed and tested” like its crosswords and the Spelling Bee game.

The changes appear to mean that the NYT will be lining up some of its own solutions instead of relying on the long list of answers you could find if you knew where to look. However, it sounds like the game itself won’t be changing.

“Wordle’s gameplay will stay the same, and answers will be drawn from the same basic dictionary of answer words, with some editorial adjustments to ensure that the game stays focused on vocabulary that’s fun, accessible, lively and varied,” Everdeen Mason, the NYT’s editorial director of games, wrote in an article about Bennett’s appointment.

You might already be seeing a different answer than someone else as a result of the change. If that’s the case, Mason suggests refreshing your browser or playing the game on the Crossword app.

Since buying Wordle in January, the NYT has continued to invest in the game with things like Wordlebot and tying stats to a New York Times account. It’s also released a Wordle board game, but before you rush to buy it for your holiday festivities, you might want to read Polygon’s scathing review.