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Netflix is making a Gears of War movie and an animated TV series

Netflix is making a Gears of War movie and an animated TV series


Netflix’s newest video game adaptation is the Gears of War franchise, which is celebrating its 16th anniversary of the first game’s release.

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Promotional art featuring three Gears of War characters.
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Image: Netflix

Netflix is planning a slate of Gears of War adaptations, the streaming service announced on Monday. First up is a “live action feature film,” then “an adult animated series,” and after that, there’s the “potential for more stories to follow,” Netflix said. Netflix will be working with The Coalition, the Vancouver-based Xbox Games Studio that manages the Gears of War franchise, to bring the franchise to the streaming service. There are no details about when the adaptations will be released.

The announcement arrives on the 16th anniversary of the release of the first Gears of War game, which came out in 2006. Since then, the series has had multiple sequels (the latest being 2019’s Gears 5) and a handful of spinoffs, including one themed around Funko Pops.

Gears of War is the latest video game franchise to come to Netflix, joining a roster of hits like the Cyberpunk 2077 anime and the League of Legends show Arcane. The streaming service is working on a bunch of other video game adaptations, including a live-action BioShock movie, a Horizon Zero Dawn TV show, and a live-action Assassin’s Creed series.