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Dril is selling the archives of his legendary tweets

Dril is selling the archives of his legendary tweets


Food $200. Data $150. Rent $800. Drill books $3,600. Someone who is good at the economy, please help me budget this.

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Image of the four Dril books sitting on a toilet tank.
I wonder how many hours of entertainment I’ve gotten from Content forged on this Throne.
Image: dril

Dril, the account behind a frankly unbelievable number of viral tweets, is packaging his magnificent archive into a book and selling it for those of us who want to show off just how Online we are. According to Amazon, the Dril Archives paperback is around 240 pages and contains “10,000 of His finest Posts.”

Like Taylor Swift, Dril is selling several “Flavors” of the archive — the “refined” edition lays out his posts in alphabetical order, “beloved” ranks them by the number of favorites they got, “eternal” sorts them in chronological order, and “chaotic,” obviously, is completely random. While many of us here at The Verge are big fans of the reverse chronological timeline (and it would be very interesting to see the evolution of the Dril style in print), my heart is pushing me toward the “beloved” version because... I mean, the man tweets a LOT, and if I’m being honest, having the greatest hits all in one half of the book sounds much easier to read.

There’s also a digital edition on sale for around $6 (roughly half of the paperback’s $12.89 price), which Dril says is for people who “like to read my posts on a site not run by a car salesman who tortures apes.” No points for guessing who that’s directed at. That version contains text files for each edition, as well as all the images and videos Dril has ever tweeted and a massive “raw tweet archive with stats ‘For The Data Freaks.’”

It’s not the first time Dril has released a book featuring tweets like the one referenced in this article’s subheadline and “‘im not owned! im not owned!!’, i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob.” His 2018 title Dril Official “Mr. Ten Years” Anniversary Collection, which is still available for sale, contains “over 1,500 classic posts” and illustrations. He also sells a book called The Get Rich and Become God Method (the DRIL collection), the contents of which I can only imagine.

It seems unlikely that Dril Archives includes every single tweet from the @dril account — for one, it’s subtitled “10000 posts,” where the Twitter app says the account has around 12,000 tweets. But a quick scroll through the 9,995-line dril10000favorited.txt file that I just paid six whole George Washingtons for shows that it absolutely lives up to its promise to offer a “comprehensive archive of ‘DRIL POSTS’ made as of December 2022 , available online, no matter what happens to Elon’s great experiment.” And now that I have a copy of the only Good Content included in Mr. Musk’s $44 billion investment, I, too, can join the people bidding the site goodbye.