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PlayStation’s 2022 Wrap-Up recaps playtime, trophies, and meows

PlayStation’s 2022 Wrap-Up recaps playtime, trophies, and meows


Sony has a fun new tool to recap the PlayStation community’s year in gaming, including how many times people meowed as the cat in Stray.

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A screenshot of the cat from Stray.
I contributed a fair number of those meows.
Image: Annapurna Interactive

PlayStation’s new 2022 Wrap-Up is available now, giving you a look at things like your personal playtime and some accomplishments from the broader PlayStation community.

The recap is broken into four main sections: total playtime, top games, trophies earned, and PlayStation Plus. Within each section, not only will you see your own stats but also community statistics for some of PlayStation’s biggest games of the year, including Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarök. The recap also reveals that players were absolute terrors in Stray, with 1 billion meows and 12 million “things ruined.” (I admit to contributing significantly to those numbers.)

As part of the recap, you’ll get a summary card you can share with your friends or on social media. Mine, unsurprisingly, spells out exactly how much I played Fortnite. You’ll also be able to earn a special Astrobot-themed avatar, though as shared by deals wizard Wario64, you can just redeem special codes to get all of them.

A screenshot of PlayStation’s Wrap-Up 2022.
Fortnite is fun, don’t judge me!!!
Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

You can access your recap here, though you’ll need to have a registered PSN account, be older than 18, and have put in more than 10 hours of gaming this year on a PS4 or PS5.

Nintendo has also released its 2022 recap for Switch players. Mine tells me I spent the most time with Slay the Spire (that tracks), though Pokémon Scarlet was my third-most played game despite the fact that it was just released in November.