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The Meta Quest Pro’s new update will let it record what it sees

The Meta Quest Pro’s new update will let it record what it sees


The latest software update will let you record what you see through the Quest Pro’s colorized passthrough mode. There are some other additions, too.

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The $1,499.99 Quest Pro headset is capable of mixed reality capture, something we wished it could do at launch, so that we could have shown you what we saw during testing. That feature is unlocked with a new software update (version 47) that has already rolled out to some users and should be arriving soon for others.

You’ll be able to hit record while you’re using applications that merge your actual reality with a virtual one, and you can see in the video below just how grainy it looks in there. It’s nice that this feature arrived so quickly after its launch, though it won’t change how we feel about the headset’s value overall.

The other Quest Pro-specific feature coming is background audio playback. It’ll let you load a browser version of your streaming service in the headset so you can listen as you play games, or as you attempt to join colleagues in Horizon Workrooms.

Meta has been quick to delegate the Quest 2 to a supporting role in its VR headset lineup. This is the first software release that has all but completely excluded the $399.99 ($349 for the holidays) headset from getting new, interesting features. Perhaps its aging hardware just can’t swing these particular additions, but I hope this isn’t a trend that continues.

A screenshot of the upcoming Meta Quest app.
Here’s a peak at the new Meta Quest app, which aims to make it easier to cast what you see to a display for others to watch.
Image Credit: Meta

However, there are some minor tweaks coming that Quest 2 and Pro users alike will receive. As you change your avatar’s look in VR, you’ll be able to see how you look in a new mirror placed in your home environment. Meta has also redesigned the mobile app for iOS and Android with an emphasis on making it easier to see when friends are online. It’s adopting a more widget-y look, with a Cast button that’s easier to access, in case you want to show others what you’re seeing in the headset. As a Quest 2 owner, the app update is what I’m looking forward to the most (not that I have much else that’s new to try).