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Elden Ring is getting a free colosseum update for multiplayer bloodbaths

Elden Ring is getting a free colosseum update for multiplayer bloodbaths


The update will arrive on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox tomorrow, December 7th.

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Elden Ring’s new colosseum update that arrives December 7th, 2022
You can use your spirit ash summons to help you in battle against other players.
Image: Bandai Namco

As if there weren’t enough stuff to do already in Elden Ring, Bandai Namco announced that the open-world fantasy game is getting a multiplayer update that adds a new colosseum environment made expressly for player versus player (PvP) bloodbaths. This update will arrive on December 7th for every platform the game is on (PC, PlayStation, Xbox).

While you can already engage in PvP battles across many memorable Lands Between locales, there’s nothing like a flat, circular arena to do your bidding. And in the colosseum, you’ll be able to use your spirit ash summons in battle, as you can against the game’s many bosses.

The trailer above doesn’t share many details about this new colosseum, like where it is or how you’ll get there and assemble a crew. However, a quick Google search shows that some gamers are already anticipating this content. The arrival of a PvP arena had been speculated after previous update files were datamined.

PvP gameplay is what keeps many people coming back to Elden Ring, as well as many of FromSoftware’s other games, including Dark Souls and Bloodborne. While the game’s campaign provides a high level of difficulty, the skill ceiling required to compete against some of its best (or even average) PvP players goes even higher.

Personally, I’m glad that this update was announced before The Game Awards, which take place on Thursday, December 8th. Many people, including myself, are hoping that an even bigger Elden Ring announcement might occur, like an expansion that adds new parts of the map and, with it, more story, dungeons, and bosses.