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Wednesday’s Top Tech News: Chips born in the USA

TSMC prepares to manufacture processors in its new Arizona facility, and Call of Duty returns to Nintendo consoles.

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The worst of the global chip shortage may now (thankfully) be behind us, but the desire to get more processors manufactured in the US hasn’t gone away. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that both Apple CEO Tim Cook and POTUS himself Joe Biden saw fit to attend the launch of chip-maker TSMC’s upcoming Arizona facility. Cook confirmed that Apple plans to use chips made at the facility in iPhones and Macs. “These chips can be proudly stamped ‘Made in America,’” he said.

Speaking of tech companies playing politics, Microsoft is still trying to get its Activision Blizzard deal over the line. Its latest move is the announcement of a 10-year deal with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty to the Japanese company’s consoles, putting pressure on Sony (which is opposing the acquisition) to accept a similar deal.

Finally, if you haven’t checked out the comic we published yesterday, then I highly recommend it. It’s called “How to Replace the Sky” and it’s about... well... I’ll let you discover it for yourself.

Anyway, here’s a silly tweet:

Stay tuned, as we continue to update this list with the most important news of today: Friday, December 7th, 2022.