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Rejoice, nerds: you can finally stay in a genuine Hobbit hole through Airbnb

Rejoice, nerds: you can finally stay in a genuine Hobbit hole through Airbnb


Yes, that’d be on the actual Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand, as featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies.

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A circular Hobbit door open to reveal a green landscape that resembles The Shire from J.R.R.Tolkiens Middle Earth.
This isn’t some unofficial recreation — overnight bookings are available for the genuine Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand for the first time ever.
Image: Larnie Nicolson / Airbnb

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Tolkien fans can finally book to stay at the genuine Hobbiton Movie Set via Airbnb. The Hobbiton set was initially built by Lord of the Rings director Sir Peter Jackson on Buckland Road in New Zealand in 1999 and features in both of his Middle-earth movie trilogies. While the location has since become an active tourist destination in New Zealand, this announcement marks the first time that guests will be able to stay overnight.

Russell Alexander, whose family owns the farmland on which Hobbiton is built, will host guests on behalf of Airbnb, granting them access to all 44 Hobbit Holes, The Millhouse, and The Green Dragon Inn. “For more than two decades, we’ve welcomed millions of passionate fans to Hobbiton Movie Set, but never before has anyone had the opportunity to spend a night in Middle-earth,” said Alexander via an Airbnb press release. “I am delighted to share the beauty of my family’s farm and pleased to be hosting this iconic location on Airbnb for fans from around the world.”

A photograph of the Hobbiton movie set, showing a Hobbit hole against rolling green hills.
The fictional village of Hobbiton was recreated by Sir Peter Jackson in New Zealand and has since become a well-established tourist destination.
Image: Airbnb / Larnie Nicolson

The announcement comes with both good and bad news, the good news being that a stay will only set you back NZD $10 (plus taxes) per night — which works out to around $6.50 USD. For that, you’re getting private access to a personal Hobbit Hole, an evening banquet in The Green Dragon Inn, and a behind-the-scenes private tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set.

The bad news is that despite being outlandishly affordable, you probably won’t be able to book a stay regardless, as only three individual two-night stays for up to four guests are up for grabs.

Just three two-night stays will be available to book on December 13th at 4PM ET

Bookings are available for March 2nd–4th, March 9th–11th, and March 16th–18th. You can request to book one of three overnight stays on Tuesday, December 13th at 4PM ET at, and Airbnb’s press release is careful to mention that despite the limited availability, “these three individual two-night stays are not a contest.” Guests must be over 18, have a verified Airbnb profile, and have a history of positive reviews. Maximum occupancy for a booking is four people as only two bedrooms are available: one with a queen-sized double bed and the other two king-singles.

For those that miss out on the opportunity, there’s (luckily) an entire tourism industry capitalizing on folks who want to experience a Hobbit hole for themselves. Plenty of unofficial Hobbit-inspired accommodations are available to book through Airbnb, from US states like Vermont and Washington to global locations in the UK and France. Just don’t break any plates or turn up late — you’re not a wizard.