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In the new Super Mario Bros. Movie clip Toad is a fun guy

In the new Super Mario Bros. Movie clip Toad is a fun guy


No (mushroom) cap.

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A poster for the Super Mario Bros. movie.
Image: Nintendo

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was once a mystery, with no more information except the handful of Hollywood hottest stars — and Chris Pratt — who landed a role. But after a new trailer reveal just last week, we’re getting yet another extended look at the movie, this time courtesy of The Game Awards. Keegan-Michael Key came out to introduce the brief clip with an extended bit about Toad’s white and red cap. It was a bit awkward, underscored by the sudden cut to Game Awards audience members who looked bewildered and confused. Funny, but for what feels like the wrong reasons.

In the previous trailer, Anya Taylor-Joy made her first appearance voicing Princess Peach and we got a very interesting look at an interaction between Charlie Day’s Luigi and Jack Black’s Bowser. This time we got a brief glimpse of Toad and Mario walking through the Mushroom Kingdom before arriving at Peach’s Castle. We still didn’t get any more of Pratt’s performance and it seems like Nintendo and Illumination are intentionally ensuring we don’t hear more than a couple of seconds of Pratt speaking at any time to preserve some of the illusion.

Despite the skepticism surrounding Chris Pratt’s performance as Mario, the movie’s visuals — and I cannot stress enough, only the visuals — look incredible. And hey, if you can’t find it in your heart to get down with Pratt’s vaguely Brooklyn-ish and somewhat joyless accent, there’s a few international dubs that seem to capture a bit more of Mario’s happy-go-lucky personality.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie goomba stomps into theaters April 7th.