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Street Fighter 6 debuts a release date and new characters

Street Fighter 6 debuts a release date and new characters


Dee Jay, Manon, JP, and Marisa are coming to the foundational fighting game’s latest installment

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Nestled in the pre-show, ahead of the Game Awards’ regular broadcast, Capcom announced the release date for Street Fighter 6 — coming June 2nd. While the date was formally announced during Geoff Keighley’s Winter E3 extravaganza, the date for SF6 leaked early, appearing on Amazon for pre-order with the official date.

In addition to sharing when players can expect to get their hands on what is possibly the most colorful entry in the seminal fighting game series, Capcom also debuted new characters. In addition to the old boxer Dee Jay, Street Fighter 6 will welcome the tres chic Manon, the stately looking JP, and the fierce muscle woman Marisa.

Described as a fighting game “everyone can play” by game director Takayuki Nakayama, The Verge got a hands on demo of SF6 earlier this year at Summer Game Fest. Andrew Webster got to experience the game’s streamlined one-button controls saying, “The idea is to make it so players can still do cool things in the game, like toss a fireball, without memorizing tricky button combinations.”

The trailer also showed off a bit of the game’s story mode, World Tour, featuring a very average looking Joe karate chopping bottles and squaring up against fighters like Kimberly with assistance from Ryu.

Street Fighter 6 shoryukens on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on June 2nd.