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Samsung teases new Galaxy Book and more at February 27th event

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The company is holding an MWC live stream

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An illustration of a Samsung laptop is shown alongside a series of other device.
Image: Samsung

Samsung is teasing the announcement of a new Galaxy Book laptop at an event on February 27th coinciding with this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). In a small animation released alongside the invitation, a laptop can be seen unfolding itself, before being joined by a collection of other Samsung products, including a smart watch, smartphone, and a tablet. The event will be streamed on Samsung’s YouTube channel at 1PM ET / 10AM PT on February 27th.

In an accompanying blog post, Samsung Electronics’ head of new computing R&D team Hark-sang Kim gives some hints about the company’s priorities for its “next generation Galaxy Book lineup.” Kim says the aim is to offer a “seamless experience across devices and operating systems” with various different Galaxy devices working together. No concrete specs for the laptop have been announced, but Intel is mentioned as a partner.

We’ve already seen some cross-device functionality thanks to Samsung’s work with Microsoft on the Your Phone app, which lets users control Android apps from their phone on their Windows PC. Samsung also says apps like Samsung Gallery and Samsung Notes now offer a consistent look and feel across mobile and PC.

The launch comes a few short weeks after Samsung announced its latest flagship smartphone lineup, the Galaxy S22 series, as well as a new lineup of Android tablets. Between them, it’s been a busy start to the year for the South Korean tech giant.