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Peloton is back after a short outage, so you don’t have to exercise alone

Peloton is back after a short outage, so you don’t have to exercise alone


Slack wasn’t the only important app having an outage

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Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There was nothing but disappointment for anyone hoping to sneak in a Peloton ride during the Slack outage on Tuesday. In some unfortunate timing, Peloton said it, too, had a number of issues that stymied anyone trying to stream one of its classes.

On Peloton’s status page, it appeared that users couldn’t access logins, live classes, on-demand classes, leaderboards, or activate services on Peloton bikes and treadmills. On Twitter, the company said this might also impact users’ ability to access Peloton’s websites. However, the only Peloton site that suffered a major outage is the member profile / workout history page. According to DownDetector, people began reporting Peloton outages at around 10AM ET. Peloton has since fixed the problem.

While the outage isn’t necessarily Peloton’s fault, it does highlight one of the pitfalls of connected fitness. Without software and connectivity, the expensive hardware you just bought suddenly isn’t quite as useful. Peloton users on Twitter seem to be taking it in stride, with many opting to use the “Just Run” or “Just Ride” option. That said, as Peloton’s new CEO, Barry McCarthy, emphasized over the weekend, content and the on-screen experience are the company’s bread and butter.

Of course, Peloton eventually got back online. That said, it’s a helpful reminder that you don’t always have to exercise with a leaderboard.

Update, February 22, 4:10pm: Added update that the Peloton outage has been resolved.