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Daft Punk streamed a 1997 concert on Twitch, and it may have been your only chance to see it

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The stream is over

Image: Daft Punk on Twitter

Daft Punk may have announced their split exactly one year ago today, but the famous electronic music duo made a surprise reappearance on the internet Tuesday and streamed footage from a 1997 concert on Twitch. However, if you missed the show, which features the duo before they wore their iconic metal helmets, it seems you won’t be able to catch it after the fact; Pitchfork reported the concert would only air once, and it’s currently not available on-demand on Twitch.

The stream featured footage from a concert Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, the two people behind Daft Punk, played at a Los Angeles nightclub near the release of the band’s debut Homework album, according to Pitchfork. Daft Punk also announced a 25th anniversary vinyl reissue of the album, and after the concert ended, posted that the reissue is available on streaming services, too.

While it’s unclear if this is the beginning of more from Daft Punk, you might want to follow the group’s accounts on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook just in case. (I’m personally hoping for a comeback tour.)

Update February 22nd, 6:57PM ET: The stream on Twitch has ended.