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Twitch streaming returns to the Xbox dashboard in a new update

Twitch streaming returns to the Xbox dashboard in a new update


Available on all Xbox consoles today

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Microsoft is bringing Twitch streaming back to the Xbox dashboard today. The Xbox maker first started testing the integration in October, and Twitch will now integrate into the Xbox Guide interface, complete with webcam support. Twitch first appeared integrated into the Xbox One dashboard in 2014, using a Snap interface to let players stream gameplay on Twitch.

Twitch streaming will now appear in the Capture and Share tab of the Xbox Guide, and you’ll need to just link your Twitch account to access the streaming features. Headsets and webcams are supported, and you can manage game or mic audio levels, include friend audio from party chat, or manually set the Twitch resolution and bitrate.

Twitch has had Xbox streaming support inside its own app for quite some time, but direct integration into the Xbox dashboard returns today after Microsoft removed its Snap feature and Twitch integration in 2017.

Twitch integration will be available on all Xbox One consoles and Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series S / X consoles today as part of a new dashboard update.