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Russia invades Ukraine: the latest news on connectivity, cryptocurrency, and more

This even has implications for the ISS

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On February 24th, Russia invaded areas of Ukraine near its northern, eastern, and southern borders. It’s a significant military action that could have alarming consequences, and more than 500,000 people have reportedly fled from Ukraine to neighboring countries as of February 28th. Peace talks between the two countries have begun at the Belarus border.

Tech companies have responded to the crisis in various ways, with the focus on trying to reduce online misinformation and avoid putting Ukrainians in danger. Google has disabled Maps traffic data in Ukraine to protect citizens, for example, while Facebook has removed a Russian misinformation network. But Russia has blocked Twitter and partially blocked Facebook, which could limit information coming out of the country. And there have been internet outages in Ukraine that have sparked concerns about the possibility of attacks on Ukraine’s internet infrastructure.

Read on for our latest coverage of the crisis.