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Making It Work 2022

How creators and businesses are overcoming imitators to thrive online

In our third installment of Making It Work, The Verge takes a look at how creators and small businesses are dealing with familiar issues: imitations, copycats, and ripoffs. It’s an age-old challenge that has only gotten bigger as artists rely on online platforms to promote and distribute their work.

From fashion giants stealing from an independent designer to illustrators finding their work for sale on an unknown marketplace, here are the many ways creators are contending with a problem that keeps popping up in unexpected places.

Designers spend months making custom keycaps, then the counterfeits arrive

A renowned community of quilters is taking on copycats — and winning

The counterfeit NFT problem is only getting worse

Reselling gig work is TikTok’s newest side hustle

Give & Take

Knitwear is slow, the knockoffs come fast

The complicated case of Threes, 2048, and the giants that ripped everyone off in the end

Artists are playing takedown whack-a-mole to fight counterfeit merch

Mexico’s cultural appropriation ban is off to a messy start