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This custom Asus GPU keycap even comes with a trio of tiny spinning fans

This custom Asus GPU keycap even comes with a trio of tiny spinning fans


A good-luck charm until your real GPU comes through

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Spin free little GPU.
Spin free little GPU.

If you can’t get your hands on a new GPU right now, you could at least have a miniature version sitting at your fingertips. As seen via Tom’s Hardware, a new custom keycap in the form of an Asus ROG Strix brand GPU is now on sale in China. It replaces the right-shift key on your keyboard and comes with three miniature spinning cooling fans (though, sadly, there are no tiny customizable LED lights).

It’s not the first novelty GPU keycap we’ve seen. Last year, a custom keycap resembling an NVIDIA RTX 3080 started doing the rounds, and became something of a talisman for gamers struggling to buy the real thing due to the ongoing chip shortage. (And which is now available to buy from places like AliExpress for around $40.)


These keycaps are just novelties, of course, and there’s no indication that the Asus ROG Strix model has been endorsed by Asus. Nevertheless, whoever’s making this thing has a great eye for detail. As the unboxing video below shows, they’ve gone to a lot of trouble to replicate all the packaging for an actual Strix product and the end-result is pretty charming.

According to details provided on zFrontier, the keycap has an all metal design, weighs 34 grams, and has dimensions of 51mm x 18mm x 11mm. It also has Cherry MX-style mounts. It won’t actually speed up your PC build, of course, but it could be a fun distraction to tap and spin and tap while you’re waiting for loading screens to clear.